We love because he first loved us.
- 1 John 4:19


When I think about where I was a few months ago and where I am now, I’m amazed.
When I think about where I was just one month ago and where I am now, I’m amazed.
But when I think about how God loved me the same a few months ago, one month ago, and now, I’m floored and filled with thankfulness.

It has been a rough few months filled with ups and downs but God knew me, loved me, and made it a point to grow me no matter what it took. So I look back and all I can do is be thankful and look ahead toward more struggles, more joys, more lessons, more people, yet through it all will be the same, unchanging, constant love that endures through it all. 

Transformation has just begun. Here’s to our Abba Father. 


car + a few plane tickets + camera + backpack + friends = trip of a lifetime


Robert Majkut is a talented designer from Poland that seeks inspiration in his dreams. Some time ago he saw a dream where a grand piano appeared that didn’t seem like anything else he had seen before. For weeks he was chasing the picture trapped in his mind, trying to recall the exact shape of the piano. One day his mind unlocked and Whaletone was born. Whaletone is a bespoke piano that looks like a whale emerging from the water and with its sleek curves and excellent sound is ready to conquer us all.